Richard Reid

Real Estate, Expert, Author, Educator, Broker

Richard is an expert in the fields of real estate, technology, and automotive retail. He is an experienced entrepreneur of more than 15 years. Richard believes that success is in part a result of distilling best practices into specific repeatable tasks that one is committed to performing consistently with excellence. This belief has created a passion for sharing the knowledge and experience he has gained as an entrepreneur, real estate agent and broker, and Fortune 1000 leader. The goal of is to share insights, facilitate communication, and to offer access to this material in a variety of formats.

Here you will find videos, books, training series, and links to other sites and projects of interest. Some of these are designed for consumer consumption, others for industry professionals. Occasional offerings will work for both.

Please share with us your thoughts and insights about the material - in addition to requesting speaking engagements, educational programs, new videos, and more. There is a host of material that is coming - but if we learn of specific areas of interest, we can shift the priority of the release dates for certain items.

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